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Our Leadership

CEO Yoshiya Okada

Pleasures to offer you all my warmest greetings representing KYOKUTO BOEKI KAISHA, LTD, as I have become the new president and Cheif Executive Officer on April 1st, 2019. I am Yoshiya Okada.

Since KYOKUTO BOEKI KAISHA, LTD. was established in 1947, we have endeavored to provide the ever-changing industrial sector with the cutting-edge technology and commodities that the age has called for. Even as the social environment has completely transformed itself, up to and including our current day, in which the world continues to change with dramatic speed, the DNA of this company has not changed since the day of its founding. We continue to strive to contribute to society, under our motto of “Personnel, Technology, and Confidence.”

From today, we are also revising our management philosophy from “essential technology for primary customers” to “bridging needs and seeds.” Our aim needs to be not merely to provide technology and commodities to our customers, but to create the structures, systems, and know-how that will provide solutions to our clients’ needs and problems by adding value. In other words, each and every one of us across all our groups will carry in our hearts a determination to provide society with “plus one,” in order to meet everyone’s needs.

On the other hand, a need has arisen for realignment, as over the 70 years of continuous operation since our founding, parts of our company have developed whose purpose has been diluted, and companies that we have acquired through M&A have spread too wide the focus of our group. I am determined to turn our group into a team of organizations


that is fit for purpose for a technology trading company in this day and age, by carrying out the important task of what is termed “company portfolio restructuring” over the coming years.

Renewing our commitment to management that targets sustainable growth, which can solve social problems such as the environmental crisis, we enter the new era, “REIWA” more determined than ever to be a business that provides value not only to our business partners, but to all our stakeholders.