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JNC Filter

JNC Filter Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of liquid filters. Spun off as a separate company from JNC Corporation (formerly Chisso Corporation) in 1995. Feature is our wide lineup of self-developed and self-manufactured products from the raw material stage onward, and have top quality that can maintain stable filtration performance for a long time at high flow rates.

Advantages of JNC Filter

Excellent Pressure Resistance

Stable Filtration Accuracy

Handling a wide variety of Applications

Also Suitable for filtering High – Viscosity Liquids

From Selection to scale – up of filters

Industries JNC Filter can be used

  • General Industry: Cleaning water, pre-filter for ultra pure water etc.
  • Chemicals: Paint Ink Resins Adhesives Catalysts Solvents Surfactants etc.
  • Food & Beverages: Tea, Juices, Wine, Spirits, Soy sauce, Soups, Vinegar, Syrup etc.
  • Electronics: Pure water, Optical films, PCB, FPC, Shadow masks, Lead frames, TAB, Electrolyzed copper foils, Ceramic, capacitors, Resist etc.

Representative filter – CP Filter


Only polyolefin thermally bonded bi-component fibers (ES fibers) are used, and the fiber-to-fiber bond forms a stable porosity. The simple but clean and rigid structure utilizing state-of-the-art fiber technology allows for longer service life and higher throughputs. A rigid filter structure of fused ES fibers in a three dimensional network with a high tolerance for differential pressure is achieved. The diameter of the structural fibers is changed for every grade, and the grades are clearly differentiated from a nominal filtration size of 1μm to 200μm.

Other Cartridge Filters


Depth Filter

Its distinctive stable filter medium structure uses JNC’s proprietary technology to firmly thermally bond each node of the fibers. We have developed several types of filters (CP, GF, CPH, CP2, BM, GFR, AS, and BN).


Wound Filter


PP Pleated Type


Membrane Type


Polyester Pleated Type


Capsule Type


Quick – Pack


Activated Carbon ( Adsorption) Type Stem Filter


Small Filtration – Type Mini Filter

  • Made from “Synthetic Fiber” their high temperature resistant filter (From 120°C to 240°C)
  • Dust holding capacity is better than Glass Fiber Media.
  • No fiber/media being broken unlike Glass Filter Media
  • Synthetic media keep paint booth environment clean which is good for human health

Line Up Oven Filter

RF 200 RF 110 RF 100 RF 50
Thickness(mm) 23 18 10 20
Standard Air Velocity(m/s) 1.0 1.0 1.0 0.5
Initial Pressure drop(pa) 34 22 16 26
Ave. Arrestance(%) 90 88 88 98
Temperature Resistance(oC) 240 180 180 120

Ceiling Filter



If You require housings along with filters, we can propose as well.

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