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Gravimetric Feeder – NX-S/NX-T series


Kubota’s Gravimetric Feeder – NX feeder is an unique Feeder with Innovative design which helps to handle wide range of materials with High performance.

  • High Feeding Accuracy: from Digital load cell to Feeder all we manufacture in Japan.
  • Easy Maintenance Design
  • Demonstration is available with real machine at our FTC.

Innovative Design


Agitator is placed diagonally and rotates very close to Hopper which gives less effect on weight value, it realizes stable feeding.


Improvement of Anti Bridging function because material compression is decreased by negative wall angle design, it helps to handle wide material applications.


This structure Increases high screw fill of material as agitator pushes material into screw part. Compared to our conventional equipment, it achieves accurate and constant material flow.

High Performance

Application Bridging Suitability
Pellet None ++ ++
Glass Fiber None ++ ++
Resin powder Weak ++ ++
Fluff/ Crushed Film / Crushed sheet Medium ++ ++
Filler/ CaCO3 / Talc Medium + ++
Carbon Fiber Medium + ++
Pigment / Carbon black Strong + ++
Titanium Oxide Strong +* ++*

‘++: Suitable, +: Possible, +*: Material Input Limitation.

Main Specifications

Feeder Twin Screw feeder Single Screw feeder Twin Screw feeder
Flow rate range 10ml – 10L/h 2 – 300L/h 30 – 2000L/h 1 – 300L/h 10 – 2000L/h
Hopper capacity 6L 50L 100L 50L 100L
Weight capacity 3Kg 40Kg 100Kg 40Kg 100Kg
Minimum graduation 0.01g 0.5g 1g 0.5g 1g
Drive unit Sensoriess servo motor
weighting unit Digital load cell
Meterials Parts in contact with bulk meterials are SUS304. Others are general industrial meterials
Control Module KF-CM + KF-D20 KF-CM + KF-D70 KF-CM + KF-D150 KF-CM + KF-D70 KF-CM + KF-D150
Weight Approx. 50g Approx. 90g Approx. 151g Approx. 92g Approx. 157g
Power supply AC200-240V = 10%. Single phase (50Hz / 60Hz)
Power capacity o.5kVA 1.3kVA 3.1kVA 1.3kVA 3.1kVA

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