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ESPEC is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of “environmental test chambers”.

Through their sales network that extends to 45 countries worldwide, they provide high-quality products and services to customers around the world. In addition, they provide total solutions for environmental testing through various products and services, all from the customer’s perspective.


This is small & compact temperature/humidity chamber which gives high performance and full fill your needs.

Temperature Range

  • Minimum: -70,-60,-40,-20°C
  • Maximum: +180°C
  • Capacity: 22.5 & 64 Liters
  • Temperature change rate: 5K/min. The lineup includes variations of total 12 models
  • Humidity Range: 30 to 95% RH

Key Features

  • High temperature range up to +180°C
  • Wide range of Options to customise your needs i.e. Viewing window, start/stop button, Automatic water refill , Additional cable port as per your requirement etc.
  • Remote monitoring and operation from a browser
  • Multilingual controller display
Model Power Supply Temp. & Humidity Range Inside/Outside Dimensions (mm)
SH-222 100V AC 50/60Hz 115V AC 60 Hz NEC 220V AC 50/60Hz* 230V AC 50Hz* -20 to +150*C 30 to 95%rh W300XH300XD250
SH-242 -40 to 150*C 30 to 95%rh
SH-262 100V/200V AC 50/60Hz 220V AC 50/60Hz* 230V AC 50 Hz* 200V AC 50/60Hz NEC -60 to 150*C 30 to 95%rh
SH-642 -40 to 150*C 30 to 95%rh W400XH400XD400
SH-662 -60 to 150*C 30 to 95%rh
SH-242-5 Temp. Rate of change:5*C/Min 100V/200V AC 50/60Hz 220V AC 50/60Hz* 230V AC 50Hz* -40 to+150*C 30 to 95%rh W300XH300XD250

Thermal Shock Chamber

Thermal Shock chamber can evaluate reliability of test specimens by rapid change of the temperatures from hot to cold.

Temperature Range: -65°C to 200°C

Test area capacity: 40L to 300L

Variation: Elevator, Damper, Air to Air Etc. Highly accurate temperature recovery It comes with or without Humidity Air to Air/Liquid to Liquid/ Air to Liquid Thermal Shock Chambers

Key Features

  • Accurate result – Thermal shock without moving test specimens for more accurate result.
  • Time saving – Fixed test specimens can save testing time as it does not needs to move from one chamber to another
  • Quick temperature recovery – The two zone test system (+150°C to -65°C) achieves temperature recovery time of less than 5 min, without auxiliary cooling
  • Remote monitor and control – You can monitor, control the operation, and edit test profile remotely
  • Multilingual support – English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese
  • Maintenance alert notification – Pre alert about maintenance to avoid any sudden disturbances
Series Model Temp. Range Inside Dimensions (mm)
TSA (two/three zones) TSA-43EL High temp. exposure:Ambient temp. +50 to +200°C W240×H460×D370
TSA-73EL Low temp. exposure:–65 to 0°C W410×H460×D370
TSA-103EL W650×H460×D370
TSA-203EL W650×H460×D670
TSA-303EL W970×H460×D670
TSA-73ES High temp. exposure:+60 to +200°C W410×H460×D370
TSA-103ES Low temp. exposure:–70 to 0°C W650×H460×D370
TSA-203ES W650×H460×D670
TSA–73EH High temp. exposure:+60 to +200°C W410×H460×D370
Low temp. exposure:–70 to 0°C
TSE (two zones) TSE-12-A High temp. exposure: +60 to +200°C W320×H148×D230
Low temp. exposure: -65 to 0°C
TSD (two zones) TSD- 101-W High temp. exposure: +60 to +205°C W710xH345xD410
Low temp. exposure: -77 to 0°C

Stress Chamber


  • Temperature Range: -45°C to +180°C & -75°C to +180°C
  • With or Without Humidity control: 10 to 98%rh
  • Capacity Range: 680 Liters to 1100 Liters
  • Temp. rate of change: 4K/min, 5K/Min, 6K/min.

Key Features

  • 32 different models allows you to choose chamber as per your requirement
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Temperature change rates from of 4, 5, 10, 15 or 18K/min
  • Easy access to specimen
Temp. (& humid.) performance Temp. rate of change Capacity Model
Temperature & Humidity Control -75~+180℃ 10~98%rh Heat up:6.0K/min
Pull down:4.9K/min
220L ARS-0220
Heat up:5.0K/min
Pull down:4.0K/min
390L ARS-0390
Heat up:6.0K/min
Pull down:4.2K/min
680L ARS-0680
Heat up:4.7K/min
Pull down:4.1K/min
1100L ARS-1100
-45~+180℃ 10~98%rh Heat up:6.3K/min
Pull down:4.8K/min
680L ARL-0680
Heat up:4.7K/min
Pull down:4.4K/min
1100L ARL-1100

Walk In Type Temperature & (Humidity) Chamber

Walk in Type Temperature & (Humidity) Chamber

Walking Chambers comes in two varients i.e. Panelized and solid construction type.

Panelized Type Temp. & (Humidity) Chamber

  • Temp Range : -10°C to 85°C
  • Humidity Range: 10 to 95%rh

Key Features

  • Standard and also Customize walkin chambers sizes as per your requirement
  • Comes with Power Saving technology
  • Continue operation with the automatic backup function when trouble occurs
  • Additional test condition if required by customer
  • Remote Monitering
  • Anti-fogging viewing window
  • Comes with 3 year warranty

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