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Test Systems

Automax Test systems helps to analyse the Reliability and performance of each unit in the Automobiles.

In order to guarantee the FInal durability, these test are carried out with actual load testing, ensuring the usability of the system.

The test equipment combines technology of Electro Hydraulic Servo and Electro Mechanical control servo with software programs to accurately analyze and improve the performance of the entire system.


The dynamometer consist of Drive motor as the Input device ( Engine) for the test Specimen and the absorption motors as the left and right Output devices ( corresponding to Wheels) at the front and rear of the test speciment. Each Shaft has a hydraulic disc brake to enable shaft locking during testing. This Dynamometer supports automatic testing using a preset pattern , also manual testing by manually controlling specified motors and electromagnetic clutches with the Touch panel.

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Low Friction Velocity Apparatus

This tester applies thrust load with use of lubricating oil to a wet type clutch which used in automatic transmission vehicles, creating friction by forcing the clutch to rotate.

It is capacble of measuring and analysing the friction coefficients that occur from clutch rotation.

Program operation and data processing are controlled b by a computer, thus enabling ease of operation from initial setup of test condition to data processing stage.
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SAE#2 Tester

This tester evaluates and analyze frictional elements concerning “Wet clutch” and “ATF”. Testing system will stably obtain various friction coefficients, by using the friction coefficient analysis method which is installted as standard function.

Low friction structure enables high precision inertia absorption test, this design eliminates factors that come into contact with rotary drive as much as possible.

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Vehicle Dynamics Test

This test Measures the Height of Center of gravity and moment of interia in the directions of Pitch, roll and yaw, which are importat in determining completed vehicle’s performance.

This test enables Fast and Highly reproducible evaluation by conducting series of test on completed vehicle on a fixed platform.
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