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Kawaguchi Spring

Robot – Spindle Automatic Painting Line

The robot-spindle automatic painting line allows for automated unmanned production. Painting conditions such as paint emissions, air pressure and air pattern can be memorized, so different varieties of works can be coated with one line. The operation can be easily performed by a touch panel. Also the number of guns per robot is flexible and customizable.

Bar – Type Coating Line

The specialized metalizing unit bar-type automatic coating line, by loading work pieces on a single jig line, space-saving as well as operation efficiency needs can be met by eliminating the need for 3 separate machines. It also reduces failure rates and imperfections since the work pieces themselves will not be touched providing a very clean painting environment. Applications include cosmetic containers, mobile phone housing, buttons and similar products. This is the most suitable machine for shield coatings requiring a top and under coat.

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