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Nippon Seisen

Metalic Fiber, Naslon Stainless Steel Fiber

Metallic Fiber, NASLON Stainless Steel Fiber NASLON is the trade name of a stainless steel fiber which Nippon Seisen manufactures with their original technology. NASLON’s greatest characteristic is that it possesses the same level of workability as fiber while having metallic properties, such as “Heat Resistance” and “Corrosion Resistance”. It can be used up to stainless steel’s annealing temperature of 1150°C. (Within inert gas)

* Note: welding point is from 1400-1450°C

Great corrosion resistance against nitrates, alkalis, organic solvents, and more. Can also endure well against chemical types, but take note that it is penetrable by chemicals containing sulfate reducers such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid as well as halogen group elements.

Type of NASLON Stainless Steel Fiber


Metal Filter

These are high performance metal filters manufactured with stainless steel fibers such as “NASLON”, developed exclusively by Nippon Seisen as the top manufacturer of stainless steel wires. With high strength, high heat resistance and superior corrosion resistance, these filters have good reputations in such varied applications as synthetic fiber, film, resin (monomer, polymer), nuclear and thermal power generation, petroleum refining, medical, and more.

In addition, since they can be cleaned and reused, they have superior running costs and environmental performance.

Product Name NASLON Filter NPM Excel Pore Fine Meet
Filtration Accuracy 1-120 µm 5-50µm 0.1-6µm 10-500µm
Meterial Stainless steel long filament Stainless steel Powder Stainless steel short filament Stainless steel wire mesh
Longevity o o
Gel-Cutting o o
Pressure loos o 0
Strength 0 o 0
Restorability o o
[Shape workability]
LF o 0 o
PF o o
CF/TF o o o
DF o o o o

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