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Travelon Air Filter


Kanai Juyo Kogyo is a Japanese company and one of the leading manufacturer of Air filters which are used in paint systems in various industries like Automotive industry, Home Appliances etc. Kanai’s Air Filters have been used by many customers of Automotive industry in Japan for a long Time. We are pleased to introduce their Air Filters for Indian market as well like – Oven filter, Ceiling Filter & Pocket Filter

Oven Filter

  • Made from “Synthetic Fiber” their high temperature resistant filter (From 120°C to 240°C)
  • Dust holding capacity is better than Glass Fiber Media.
  • No fiber/media being broken unlike Glass Filter Media
  • Synthetic media keep paint booth environment clean which is good for human health

Line Up Oven Filter

RF 200 RF 110 RF 100 RF 50
Thickness(mm) 23 18 10 20
Standard Air Velocity(m/s) 1.0 1.0 1.0 0.5
Initial Pressure drop(pa) 34 22 16 26
Ave. Arrestance(%) 90 88 88 98
Temperature Resistance(oC) 240 180 180 120

Ceiling Filter

High dust collection efficiency, Low-pressure loss (25Pa) for longer life, Overall energy cost saving etc.

1J180R 1J180N Remarks
Materials Polyster
Standard Size(mm) 20 20 Thickness of the single plate
Air Velocity(m/s) 0.5 0.5
Initial Pressure drop(pa) 25 25
Ave. Arrestance(%) >=98 >98
Filter Class
Temperature Resistance(oC) 80 80
Stickness x o
Flame Reterdance o o JACAN 11A 2003 Class 3

We also deals all other type of filters:

Pocket Filter: Classification (EN 779) G2, G3,G4, F5, F6, F7

Exhaust Filter/ Paint Arrester: Classification (EN 779) G3 & G4

Pre Filter and other paint system related filters

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