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Metal Surface Inspection Device

Inspection device was developed and started sales based on the new technology simultaneously inspecting. Determination of a scratch and a line under oil. Opposing corner and diagonal line. Determination with burr

Flow direction measurement interval Standard 500mm (Possible 200mm/250mm)
Decision accuracy =0.5mm
*VGA Monachrome CCD Camera (1280px ^ 960px)
Measurement Range (Warp/Bend) Horizontally : Max30mm (Standard Point 15mm)
Vertically: Max20mm (Standard Point 10mm)
See measurement possibility range
Movement range of electrical stage (Warp / Bend) Width 0 ~ 3400mm (Standard position)
Thickness: 0 ~ 100mm (Standard Position)

Measuring Device

This product is a measuring device that counts the number of piled up sheet products by taking pictures of them. It enables accurate and fast counting of sheets and its portability makes sheet counting much easier than ever before.

Past data are stored in the PC as CSV files.

Item Product Name
Type – 1 Type – 2
Plate thickness of an object 0.5 ~ 9mm 0.5 ~ 9mm
Height of the piled object 10 ~ 350mm 10 ~ 520mm

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