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Harves – Drysurf Hi Lube

Quick-dry lubricants, high-performance greases and fluorinated coatings for Automotive components, electronics / sensitive devices, such as cameras, home appliances, AV equipment and OA equipment. Harves products bring benefits such as, smooth sliding, noise prevention, better movement feeling, conducting electricity, impregnation, water repelling, oil repelling, stain proofing and moisture proofing.

  • Quick driyng lubricant,
  • High performance grease

DRYSURF < Quick-drying lubricant>


Quick-drying lubricant that dries instantly after application, leaving a thin and uniform lubricating film

As a pioneer of quick-drying lubricant, we help customers to improve product quality with our experience, expertise and flexibility to respond to rapidly-changing market. DRYSURF is widely used in OA equipment (PC, Copy machine, Printer), AV equipment (CD, DVD, Video Camera, Car Audio System), Camera, Automotive component and Machiner parts

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High-perfomance grease for electronics, precision devices and autotmotive component

HI-LUBE is the best grease, including fluorinated grease, contact grease, torque grease, machinery grease and impregnating oil, which meets various requirement from R&D phase. HI-LUBE is widely used in machinery parts of OA equipment, camera and automotive component.

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Optical instruments