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Nishida Giken

FULXUS® – Styrene Elastomer

Soft grade having simple composition made of SEBS, PP and plasticizer. It can be used for various applications including items with hardness A10 through 90 and more. Its salient features are, it has excellent rubber elasticity and expansive force, and it has outstanding cold resistance, heat deterioration resistance, and weather resistance. Because it is colorless, any color can be applied. It is most suitable for camouflage and it is light weight compared to vulcanized rubber.

FX-140 FX-K140 FX-V140 FX-G140
Hardness 40 40 40 40
MFR g/10min (190*C 5.0 kg) 11 11 8 20
Tensite Strength MP3 5 12.5 4.5 6.5
Persentage elongation 1000 1000 1000 1000
100% Modules Mp3 0.6 0.75 0.55 0.8

FULXUS® – Olefin Elastomer

Nishida Giken Co., Ltd. offers products with excellent design properties having matte finish and smooth texture like silk that gives luxurious feeling. It has same level of rubber elasticity as general rubber products, and it can be molded with the same processing method as thermoplastic resin. It can be blended with TPO series and olefin resin, and products from rubber like properties to resin like properties can be obtained. Besides, it can also be recycled.

Hardness 60 90
MFR g/10min (190*C 5.0 kg) 30 40
Tensite Strength MP3 4.5 10
Persentage elongation 650 450
100% Modules Mp3 2.0 6.0

FULXUS® – Customer Grade

For all grades, Nishida Giken Co., Ltd. can impart functionality and customize elastomer as per the customers’ requirements, such as physical properties adjustment and coloration.

By making the final compound, you can expect improvement in work efficiency, stability of production, and cost.

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