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TOM Forming

TOM is an advanced forming process vs. conventional Vacuum Forming and Pressure Forming.

Utilizing air-proof boxes (chambers), cavities and holes in the mold are no longer needed. This doesn’t only make a change, such as reduction of mold cost, but also to allow forming of the decorative finish directly onto the part with film’s texture and its feature such as waterproof, rustproof, dustproof

Neo-TOM Forming

TOM has developed into Neo-TOM to decorate extremely large products such as automobile bodies.

The most significant feature is that a structurally complicated substrate (product), such as one with hollows, can be overlaid with skin-material without any deformation by using a pneumatic jig instead of a conventional solid one.

(Pat. Pressure-equalized Forming Process)

Laser Trimming Machine

Film trimming process for products having 3-dimensional shape.

A combination of a laser and a robot makes it possible to trim a product in all shapes.

The machine is optimized for trimming TOM formed components and skin-material for insert molding by a great combination of a laser marking machine and a six-axis robot

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