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Kasen Nozzle

Kasen is a leading company of manufacturing spinneret. 70 years since its establishment, Kasen has been supplying spinneret for synthetic fiber and nonwoven, extruding die for film and sheet, coating die, micro openings to all over the world based on fine process technology.



Kasen is suppling key components parts such as spinneret, air lip, die head for nonwoven production. It’s available from 200mm for R&D to 6m for commercial production. We also supplies complete line as full turn key basis. Customer can make evaluation in advance by our pilot machine.

Length 6500mm (Max length)
Material SUS 630 SUS431, Others
Polymer Polypropylene / Polyester / Others

*Die assembly with specific design can be supplied.



Nonwoven fabrics made of spunbond are being developed in various fields as industrial materials as well as hygiene materials such diaper and napkins. Kasen is available for design and producing bi-component spinpack which is made from two types of polymer.

Length 7000mm
Material SUS 630 SUS431, Others
Polymer Polypropylene / Polyester / Others

* Spinpack above braker is designed to allow smooth flow of polymer.


Pilot Machine

Two types of pilot machine with web width of 500mm and 200mm enable prototyping of Meltblown and Spunbond. Bi-co spinning is also available.

600mm Pilot Machine

Both spunbond and Meltblown are available. It has two extruders for Bi-component spinning.

Web Width 500mm
Extruder 0 65 & 0 40
Spinning Temperature Max 330*C
Air Temperature Max. 350*C
Line Speed Max. 200m/min

250mm Meltblown Pilot Machine

Horizontal spinning. It supports high temperature polymer such as engineering plastic up to 450℃. (super engineering plastic is available)

Web Width 200mm
Extruder 35 (twin screw)
Spinning Temperature Max 450*C
Air Temperature Max 450*C
Line Speed Max. 50m/min